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United States Submarine Service Gold Dolphins Vinyl Decal

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Introducing the United States Submarine Service Gold Dolphins Vinyl Decal – a symbol of dedication, commitment, and unwavering service. This decal is more than just an adhesive design; it represents the elite community of submariners who have earned their Gold Dolphins, signifying their proficiency in operating beneath the waves.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our vinyl decal proudly displays the iconic Gold Dolphins, a symbol known throughout the world as a mark of excellence. This decal is designed for those who have not only embraced the challenges of submarine service but have excelled in their roles, earning the respect of their peers and the trust of their nation.

Made from high-quality vinyl, this decal is as tough as the submariners it represents. It can endure the harshest of conditions, just as you and your fellow submariners have persevered through the most demanding missions in the depths of the ocean.

Applying this decal is simple, and it adheres securely to various surfaces, ensuring it stays in place for years to come. Whether you choose to display it on your vehicle, laptop, or any other surface, it will serve as a constant reminder of your exceptional service and the tight-knit brotherhood of submariners.

By proudly showcasing the United States Submarine Service Gold Dolphins Vinyl Decal, you honor your commitment to duty and service, both to your nation and to your fellow submariners. It's more than a decal; it's a testament to your excellence in the silent service and your dedication to safeguarding your country's security beneath the waves. Embrace the legacy, proudly display your Gold Dolphins, and share your submariner pride with the world.

Our decals can be applied to acrylic signs, blackboards, canisters, car windows, ceramic, chalkboards, dry erase boards, exterior doors, finished wood, foam boards, glass, laptops, metal, mirrors, plastic, tumblers, whiteboards, etc...

Durable, weatherproof & dishwasher safe. Printed on a thick, scratch resistant vinyl with a protective laminate that's designed to withstand exposure to wind, rain, snow & sunlight.

Size: 3.2"w x 1"h die cut shape

Material: Premium outdoor vinyl

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